KEH - Repair FAQ

Repair FAQs

亚洲m码 欧洲s码|亚洲第一欧美的日产As the customer you are responsible for the cost of shipping the equipment to KEH Camera Repair. We recommend that you ship the equipment via an insured shipping method that provides tracking. Most customers use FedEx, UPS or USPS.

亚洲m码 欧洲s码|亚洲第一欧美的日产With our new flat rate system you no longer need to wait on an estimate. Only in rare cases we will have to re-estimate the repair cost.

Once we have your approval the repair time is normally 2-3 weeks. Some simple repairs may take less time. Repair time may be longer if parts need to be ordered. Our technicians work on equipment based on a first in first out basis.

KEH Camera Repair accepts all major credit cards Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express. In addition to credit cards we also accept Pay Pal payments. Checks and money orders are accepted but may delay shipping time.

Your credit card will be charged after the repair is completed. However, payment method is required prior to the item being repaired. Because of this, Pay Pal payment must be made before the repair is started.

On the repair form, you choose your ship back option as follows:
FedEx Ground, FedEx 2Day, FedEx Next Day
Local customers who pick up their items will not be charged the shipping cost. If a repair is refused, the customer is charged a $12 shipping and handling fee.

KEH Camera Repair has a 6-month warranty period. Repairs are warranted for the time period starting with the date the repair was completed. The warranty covers labor and parts replaced during the initial repair. If the unit malfunctions and requires additional parts, there will be a charge for only the parts required. No other warranty expressed or implied shall be applicable to the repair nor are we responsible for any loss, time or expense incurred. Due to the complex nature of the equipment, defects, which seem identical, can be caused by any one of many parts or circuits. We cannot assume responsibility for any portion of your equipment on which service has not been preformed.

亚洲m码 欧洲s码|亚洲第一欧美的日产If your item need to be sent out to the manufacturer or another vendor the KEH Camera Repair warranty is void and the outside vendors warranty applies.

亚洲m码 欧洲s码|亚洲第一欧美的日产Non-warranty repairs. This is for items that have a minimal repair charge. These are normally repaired where the technician does not have to take the item apart to complete the repair.

亚洲m码 欧洲s码|亚洲第一欧美的日产If for some reason, either due to parts no longer being available or that we cannot complete the repair, we will contact you to have your equipment returned.